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We are the people of God on the mission of God. Following in Jesus' footsteps as we seek to live the Word. To be doers, and not hearers only (James 1:22).

As ambassadors for Christ (2 Cor 5:20), we want to live out His mission statement from Isaiah 61 and Luke 4, walking in love as we engage the places and people the Lord has planted us in and around ... our homes, communities, churches, workplaces, hangouts, etc.

Live Six One is where we stir up one another to love and good works (Hebrews 10:24). Our hope is to cultivate intentionality and living missionally right where you are.

Below are the ways in which we do that.

Social Media

Follow us on Instagram or like us on Facebook. We regularly post ministry updates, encouragement, testimonies, resources, and periodic "challenges," which are ideas of ways you can engage those around you through prayer, encouragement, sharing of faith, generosity, and more.

Email Newsletter

We send a quarterly newsletter to our email subscribers. This newsletter includes ministry updates and invitations to events that are not always publicized on social media or on our website.


Our team periodically publishes blog posts with information and encouragement on the topics of prayer, spiritual warfare, authority in Christ, spiritual giftings, and more. Here is the latest:


We have some dear friends and family who are facing incredibly hard things right now. Incredibly hard things. In addition to being close and in this fight with them, here we are leading a prayer ministry, one focused on freedom and identifying and overcoming things of the enemy. So, we are often asked if there’s […]

Hell will Tremble

I love warfare prayers. I really do. I love praying in the authority Jesus delegated to us. In His Name. I have to. I believe we are called to. I believe when He gives and teaches you something, He intends for you to walk in it. I believe all this with my whole heart. But […]

The Lion On Our Side

Growing up, I was quite curious about the animal kingdom. Along with half of the girls in most of my elementary classes, we dreamt of becoming Veterinarians. I probably thought this career choice would give me the best chance of having as many pets as possible, so I “self-trained” as much as I could. This […]

Let The Light In, And Shine

When I was a little girl, I was terrified of what was, or rather could be, behind the shower curtain. Silly, maybe, but my imagination had plenty of scenarios that didn’t end well with what might be found behind there. It was dark, covered, and a place that plenty could be hiding. My go to […]

What do you see?

I have found myself reading the Old Testament prophets these past few months. King Solomon, the wisest man that will ever live, with Holy Spirit's leading, said there’s nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). So I’ve been reading, searching, and asking for help. With the COVID-19 pandemic, another charged election year, and more horrific slayings of our black brothers, I want change. I need help. I crave wisdom. For what to do. What to say. What to pray.

Worship As Warfare

A few friends gathered back in 2019 for a Live Six One Night of Worship. We have reformatted that evening (as much as possible) to blog-form, praying it will be encouraging during this time. It also seemed like a good time to invite each of you into a Live Six One sneak attack challenge.  Below you will find […]