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Welcome to Our New Home!

Many of you know we were booking prayer ministry sessions a few (sometimes many) months out. We hit a ceiling with how many prayer sessions we could provide in a given month with the space we had and number of prayer ministers on hand. And yet, the amount of individuals contacting us for prayer continued to grow. Our Six One team and advisory board fervently prayed for a solution.

Truth be told, none of this started with a dream for a ministry that would one day need this expansion. This all started 10 years ago with a question from one of our founders in a chiropractic clinic where he was treating a patient. He asked the Lord, "What am I missing here?" The Lord answered that question - is still answering that question - and here we are today.

At the end of April, some dear friends of the ministry miraculously and generously handed us a monetary gift with the prophetic word, "3...2...1...Go!" A property we've had our eye on opened up a couple of weeks later.

After much prayer and seeking wise counsel, with all green lights returned, we signed a lease and secured the new space for Six One on June 1, 2023. We think it's pretty cool that we received the keys to our new space on the date 6/1.

The space is beautiful and the layout is near perfect, but it required a little work. We added a second restroom and small kitchen area to accommodate our Immersed classes, Invigorate events, and other future offerings. The monetary gift we received got us into the space and allowed us to complete the necessary construction projects to help the space fit Six One's needs. However, we still need some help!


We'd love for you to join us in prayer for this new space! We opened our doors in September 2023 and love welcoming in all those the Lord brings to us for prayer and equipping. Some specific prayer points are:

  • That all who enter this place would enter His rest and have a personal encounter with the living God.
  • That this would be a place of peace, a place of His presence, of joy, of freedom, a place of reorienting one's true identity, and a place of victory in the finished work of Jesus Christ.
  • That this would be a safe place for confession, repentance, a place of tridimensional healing (spirit, soul, and body), and that hope would be restored.
  • That there would be a sensitivity to the voice of the Lord and spiritual giftings would be awakened and activated.
  • That this would be a place of equipping, a place where truth connects from the head to the heart and minds are renewed and transformed further into the image of Christ.


Moving into a new commercial space is costly. We've operated rent-free out of a local home for all these years, which means our overhead has been extremely low. We aim to keep it that way, but in order to accommodate the amount of people the Lord is bringing to us and steward the growth He is bringing, we have stepped out in faith and believe the Lord will provide as He always has.

If He puts it on your heart to financially contribute to help with our monthly operating expenses and ministry initiatives, please follow the link below. We are ever so grateful.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, in addition to the new space, another way we are expanding this year is several of our Immersed graduates are in the on-boarding process to join our team of prayer ministers! That means the amount of prayer sessions we provide each month has and will continue to significantly increase. Hallelujah! That's what it has always been about. Our vision remains the same:

The freed ones joining the mission to set the captives free.

For those who have been praying with us for space, for a solution, and our vision of "the farm," thank you so much. He is doing it. It's happening. Your prayers are being answered.