a prayer and equipping ministry


We are followers of Jesus Christ who pray with people and equip people to pray with people.

Our home base is in Flower Mound, Texas. We locally serve the North Texas region, yet we love ministering to and equipping individuals, ministries, and churches around the world.


"Jesus encouraged me in parenting during my last prayer ministry session. He helped me hand over the condemnation I was feeling and reminded me of how He loves my kiddos more than I ever could."

"Jesus has set me free from self-hatred. Seriously. My internal dialogue is so different, and as strange as it sounds, I'm quick to stand up for myself and speak truth when old criticisms and old put-downs start to creep in. I'm a child of God, and I want myself to know that my whole self really and truly believes it."

"God showed me how much He is for me. He reminded me He is always with me, always fighting for me, and He delights in me. He is freeing me from shame, guilt, anxiety and depression. I was clearly reminded that He made me and delights over me!"

"Doing some of the things I learned in prayer ministry, I was able to meet with Jesus the other day after a fit of anger, and He helped me understand where it was coming from. He brought truth, healing, and freedom to that place in my heart that was still holding onto unresolved hurt from the past. I am noticing so many changes in how I process and handle difficult things that have come up since then. He truly heals us and sets us free!"

"I came to a prayer ministry session with so many self-doubts and questions. I felt like such a failure. Jesus spoke into all the questions and showed me how through Him already passing the test, I have been and will continue to be successful with Him. He replaced all the hard and heavy things with His delight and approval. He melted away all other opinions (including my own) and freed me from condemnation!"

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We are organized into three primary ministries: Pray Six One, Learn Six One, and Live Six One. Click here to learn more!