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We are a prayer ministry focused on inner healing and deliverance prayer. It is an honor and joy to witness the Lord healing broken hearts and setting captives free in our two-hour prayer sessions.

We are not licensed professional counselors. We love to work with and alongside counselors, but we are a prayer ministry with laypersons trained in inner healing and deliverance prayer.

Keep reading for more information on our prayer ministry sessions, watch our FAQ video, and when you are ready to schedule, contact us at (469) 451-8992 or via this link!


Here we answer frequently asked questions about Pray Six One, such as what type of prayer ministry we offer, who it is for, and more.

Our primary goal in prayer ministry is a Jesus encounter. Our hope is each person leaves our time together knowing they are seen, loved, and cared for by Jesus in a deeper way.

“Inner healing is a method of prayer by which Jesus Christ is invited to address the hurts of the past and heal us of their negative results.” Flynn & Gregg, Inner Healing

That quote pretty much sums it up. To phrase it a little differently, we often describe inner healing prayer as facilitating a meeting with Jesus, by the power of the Holy Spirit, for Him to bring truth, healing, and freedom to the things that have happened or are happening in a person’s life.

And we believe that inner healing prayer is an important part of deliverance for full, thorough, and lasting freedom.


Our prayer ministry sessions are donation-based. For those we are ministering to, we ask that you let Holy Spirit lead your decision towards an appropriate amount to give. We accept cash, check (payable to Six One Ministries), and online giving via PayPal ( and Venmo (username: Six One Ministries). We also accept card payments via the Donate button below.

We are not a tax-exempt organization, and therefore no monetary gift or payment will be eligible for a tax deduction.