We are thrilled to have been gifted with this incredible team who are better described as our family. A common thread in our testimonies is there came a point in our lives when God called us deeper, snapped our eyes awake, and opened our hearts to His beautiful ministry of setting captives free.  It is an immense joy and privilege to gather with one another, pray, and equip others towards that end.

Six One Staff


Colin Burnley
Founder, Ministry Leader


Kacey Burnley
Founder, Ministry Leader


Cathleen McDaniel
Staff, Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministers

Colin Burnley

Colin co-founded the ministry with Kacey. In addition to leading in teaching and prayer ministry, he is the dreamer of the operation. He spent his first few years of life in Oklahoma, but got to Texas as fast as he could. He loves to talk with people about all things Jesus and is always learning something new. When Colin is not treating patients in his chiropractic clinic or in a prayer ministry appointment, you will most likely find him with a cup of coffee and one of five or six books he typically has open at one time.

Kacey Burnley

Kacey co-founded the ministry with Colin and leads with him in teaching and prayer ministry. She loves to build and bring strategy and implementation. She was born and raised in Texas and runs the office of their chiropractic clinic. A rare free day would likely include a thrift store treasure hunt, a sunny day meal on a patio, and reading a book with her dogs snoring nearby. She enjoys teaching, writing, and learning to tune into the Father's heart.

D'Ann Dedeke

D’Ann is married to Taylor and a new mom to their first son. She enjoys running, cooking Thai food for friends and family, watching nieces and nephews play sports, sitting before Jesus and letting Him lead her to the unexpected things, and the occasional pickleball. She feels an overwhelming sense of excitement and joy getting to have a first row seat to Jesus being awesome and showing up for people in miraculous ways.

Taylor Dedeke

Taylor is husband to D’Ann, father to their son, and born and raised in Texas. He enjoys almost all things outdoors (running not so much), being curious about who God is and what His Word says about Him, gathering and connecting people, and acting goofy in order to make their son and/or D’Ann laugh. He loves getting to be in a space where Holy Spirit is moving and feel all the things as well as engage in people interacting with Jesus in miraculous and freeing ways.

Chris Dickey

Chris lives in Forney with her husband, Greg, of 30 years. She has two married children and no baby grands...yet! Chris and Greg love the newly empty-nest season and enjoy doing ministry together at their church in women's and men's ministries. She is a writer of inductive studies and loves all things Bible. Her passion is to teach and disciple women on how to find their daily secret place in the Lord. One of her greatest honors is to walk with people and partner with the Lord to see healing and freedom come into their lives. Her desire is to be constantly surprised as she watches God love on His sons and daughters.

Christy Elafros

Christy was born and raised in Chicago, but has loved and embraced the warmth of the south since moving to Texas 13 years ago. She loves spending time with her husband, Justin, and their 3 kiddos. In her free time, she loves to hike, garden, create and anything that involves being outdoors. She is thrilled to partner with Jesus in bringing freedom to the captives and is expectant for others to experience the deep healing Jesus offers!

Carey Estrada

Carey is from Dallas where she currently lives with her four adventurous kids and greyhounds. She is a photographer and artist by trade, an equestrian to all things horses, and is always up for a good laugh over a Tex-Mex dinner. Her true passion is for people to experience the love of Jesus and to be seen and known even in the hard places. Her heart for prayer ministry began with her own healing journey and a desire to be restored to her first love, Jesus!

Debbie Farver

Debbie lives in Flower Mound with Chris, her husband of 31 years. They enjoy traveling and celebrating life with their five grown children (and daughter-in-law) and precious grandson. A Special Education teacher, Debbie loves working part-time at a local school. Her perfect day would include hiking, spending time with family and friends, kayaking, reading the Word, and hanging out with Jesus. She has seen the Lord do miraculous things in her life and finds immense joy in watching Him love, heal, and free His children. Debbie considers it a privilege and honor to pray with others and is continually amazed by the depth of God's love for us.

Debbie Filizetti

Debbie lives with her husband, Roger, of 46+ years, and they have been blessed with three daughters and three grandchildren. Debbie has lived in 12 different states, first as the child of a military father and then with Roger. They moved to Texas in 2015, and they have no plans to move again. Debbie loves spending time with friends and loved ones, especially if they are talking about Jesus. She enjoys studying the Bible, and she always has a good book or two at hand. She also enjoys being out in nature, hiking, and finding adventure with Roger.

Roger Filizetti

Roger lives in Flower Mound with his wife, Debbie, of 46+ years. He grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and has lived in Texas for 8 years. He enjoys running, hiking, and exploring new parts of the country with Debbie, Bible studies, and spending time with family. He also enjoys being used by God in the prayer and marriage recovery ministry at his church. Being a part of the ministry of inner healing and deliverance and seeing God’s touch change lives is amazing and an honor.

Melody Goldmeyer

Melody enjoys spending time with her husband, David, and their three active children. She loves to worship the Lord through worship music, prayer walks, reading, and learning more about Him in His Word. Her favorite day would include a good book and cup of coffee, sitting in the presence of Jesus, sharing a meal with friends, spending time with her kids, or on a date with David. She loves praying with others and seeing the power of Jesus to bring healing to His children by illuminating their hearts with His Light, Truth, and Love.

Marisa Loper

Marisa is a newer resident of Texas with her husband Eric and three kids. Born and raised in Southern California, she spent almost twenty years in the beautiful and rainy PNW before coming back to the sunshine of the south. She enjoys throwing parties, good food, a good book, spending time outside - preferably at the beach, and crocheting if she has some down time. Her passion for prayer comes from a desire to see the Lord set others free the way she has been set free. He never fails and is always at work; what a privilege it is to join Him in His work! 

Cathleen McDaniel

Cathleen serves on staff at Six One, handling all things prayer ministry. She was born and raised in Dallas. She enjoys spending time with her husband, David, and their four children (and son-in-law), teaching part-time, reading lots of books at once, playing games, and having a good conversation with a friend (or stranger). She loves studying God’s Word and learning something new about Him and His creation. She is continually amazed by who He is, what He does, and she feels honored to enter into the sacred space of prayer with others and see first-hand how the Lord heals hearts and sets people free.

Ashley Ray

Ashley lives in Flower Mound with her husband, Jeff, and four daughters. They enjoy long road trips, hiking, and exploring new places. When she’s home, she is teaching her girls, reading, cooking, and scrapbooking all their adventures. She is constantly in awe and humbled that the Lord has allowed her to be a part of setting people free, healing hearts, and changing lives.

Steve Spotts

Steve and his wife, Kathy, have been married for 42+ years, have three grown sons, daughters-in-law and six grandchildren. Originally from Mississippi, the family moved to Texas in 1996. Steve retired in October 2022 after a 40+ year career in the medical field. Retirement has allowed Steve much more time and freedom to pursue one of the most important components of our individual spiritual walk: prayer. Steve is excited and humbled to transition a secular career in medical healing to inner healing and deliverance as part of the Six One Team.

Gary Stevenson

Gary was born in Ohio, but raised up in Texas. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Sandi, working in the yard, gardening, hiking in the mountains, and spending time in the Word. His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. He is super thankful to have the honor to pray with others and see Jesus bring healing and freedom as only He can.

Sandi Stevenson

Sandi is a native Texan. She loves spending time with her husband, Gary, and whenever possible her two adult children and son-in law. She enjoys hiking in the mountains, reading, sitting in her prayer garden, and restoring old things. She loves getting to know people, praying with people, and testifying and witnessing Truth - of how Jesus makes all things new, even what seems like the impossible.

Jeff Vance

Jeff was born and raised in Oklahoma but has resided here in Texas for much of his life. He loves worshipping God through song, practicing hearing God’s voice, and learning new things about prayer ministry. He enjoys spending free time with close friends and family. His passion to see others set free is driven by his own freedom encounter through prayer.