Both Sides

Did you know something that can frustrate or comfort us about God is His ability to not only see, but also shepherd both sides of a situation? Whether you're frustrated…

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A few months ago, I finished a slow read of James and landed in 1 Peter. 1 Peter is a theme right now, for sure. I have several friends who…

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We have some dear friends and family who are facing incredibly hard things right now. Incredibly hard things. In addition to being close and in this fight with them, here…

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What do you see?

I have found myself reading the Old Testament prophets these past few months. King Solomon, the wisest man that will ever live, with Holy Spirit's leading, said there’s nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). So I’ve been reading, searching, and asking for help. With the COVID-19 pandemic, another charged election year, and more horrific slayings of our black brothers, I want change. I need help. I crave wisdom. For what to do. What to say. What to pray.

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