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Immersed is an 8-month discipleship course in prayer ministry hosted at our new ministry center in Highland Village, Texas. It has both online and in-person components. We dive deep into your identity and calling, your spiritual gifts, your authority in Christ, spiritual warfare, inner healing and deliverance prayer, healing and prophetic prayer, and how all of this combines in prayer ministry.

More than teaching you all that we know about prayer ministry, Immersed is about developing prayer ministers.

That means teaching you all that we know about how and what to pray, but also teaching position of heart, character, wisdom, distinctives, and preparing you for the long game. Whether you are new to all of this or seasoned in prayer, we want to take you on a journey with the Lord.

This course is ideal for anyone wanting to grow in the area of prayer and relationship with Jesus Christ. It is for those who serve or long to serve in a ministry or church setting. It is also for those of you who want to know how to pray and go to war for your family and friends, those you meet at the super market, those you sit beside on the airplane, and those you have opportunity to grow with in bible study or small group.

We intentionally limit the course to a small group of students each year so that we can dive deep alongside and tailor the material to each individual. The course is highly interactive and full of opportunities to learn, receive, and do ministry together.

Course Includes:

  • Weekly video teachings and homework to complete at home and at your pace
  • In-person meetings twice a month (Thursdays from 6:30-9pm)
  • Three Saturday workshops (scheduled in October, February, and April)
  • Helping identify and develop your spiritual giftings
  • Giving and receiving prayer ministry
  • Extended time of discipleship with Six One team

Schedule and Topics:

  • September – Awake & Arise
  • October – Spiritual Gifts
  • November – Spiritual Warfare & Authority
  • December – Inner Healing 101
  • January – Inner Healing 201
  • February – Deliverance
  • March – Healing & Prophetic Prayer
  • April – Go! Front Lines Commissioning


  • $125 per month + books (5)


Applications have closed.

The Platform

The Platform is a special access webpage for Immersed participants to receive their weekly video teachings and homework throughout the course. It is the jumping off point for diving deep into God's heart and all things prayer ministry. Immersed participants can access the Platform by clicking here!