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This new(ish) adventure

However it came to be that you landed on this website, we are thankful. We would certainly prefer this conversation to be taking place face-to-face in some comfy chairs with a pot of coffee brewing nearby. We’ll continue on in this welcome post imagining that. However, we would love the opportunity to meet over coffee and share stories about what Jesus is up to!

With that having been said, hello and welcome! While our official name and website are new, this ministry is a few years old. It started somewhat organically through our chiropractic clinic, when the Lord began teaching us that there is sometimes more going on with a person than what is presenting physically. We began to see as if looking through a window rather than at a still painting (an illustration inspired by a lovely book, Windows of the Soul, by Ken Gire).

And we say all of that as if it was some glorious and delightful wisdom we learned over time, and yet that is not the case. It happened very abruptly. You start off a day like any other day, and the Lord comes in and completely changes your worldview in a snap of His fingers. Things you never considered suddenly become a very present reality, and our lives have never been the same. We tell a bit more of that story here.

We are excited to be on this great adventure with our ministry family. Admittedly, this website doesn’t provide a lot of detail on what we do. We would much rather talk with you in person or over the phone, hear your story, and share our stories. If you are seeking prayer or would like to grow in prayer for others, maybe we can be part of that.

Thank you for stopping by!