The Story

The Beginning

God graciously brought this ministry to life in early 2013 at the Burnley's chiropractic clinic. He completely changed Colin's worldview in the middle of treating a patient. Colin asked a quick, silent question, "God, what am I missing here?" And He answered! God opened his eyes to see that there is so much more going on with a person than what is presenting physically.

Colin and Kacey began reading and studying as much as they could and fumbling through praying with people at every opportunity. They eventually mustered up enough courage to meet with a pastor at their church and asked for help.

Learning & Growing

They were encouraged to read a few foundational books on spiritual warfare, including Christianity with Power by Dr. Charles Kraft. They were already familiar with the emotional-physical link and how emotional wounds can fester and manifest physically. However, Dr. Kraft's teaching on inner healing prayer helped explain this even further along with the spiritual component of demonic oppression. Learning his ministry model in Two Hours to Freedom provided practical application.

They attended a workshop led by Dr. Kraft and Judy Taber of Hearts Set Free Ministries in the Fall of 2014. They came home and hit the ground running, praying in new ways and seeing the Lord heal broken hearts and set captives free.

By the Fall of 2015, they were receiving an influx of requests to meet for prayer. So they started "ministry days," where they set aside a few days a month and scheduled prayer appointments.

Equipping & Expanding

With a growing, local community of those hungry to learn more, the Burnleys began teaching in the Summer of 2016 on various topics surrounding spiritual warfare, authority, prayer ministry, and spiritual gifts.

The requests for prayer appointments continued to increase, and at the same time, God was actively directing the hearts of others towards this ministry. The freed ones joining the mission to set the captives free. The Lord added to our numbers and brought in a team of prayer ministers. You can learn more about our ministry family here.

Six One Ministries, LLC became our official name in February 2018.

What Do We Believe?

There are a few elements of our faith that are true pillars and foundations for what we believe and what we do. Click here to read more!